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Class of1965 – Linda Alloway Hahn

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on May 10, 2009

1965 – Linda Alloway Hahn: 

My grandson Payton Provo (5th grade) was just awarded the President’s Award For Educational Excellence, and my granddaughter Caitlin Satkowiak is graduating high school and in the fall heading for the University of Kentucky! So proud!

4 Responses to “Class of1965 – Linda Alloway Hahn”

  1. Marsha Walker said

    Hi Linda-I’ve been to 2 reunions & wish I had seen you there. I’m recovering fm surgeries so I don’t think I’ll make this year’s gathering but I hope to see you soon. I’m planning on moving back to Toledo soon. Congratulations on your grandson’s award. I’d love to catch up-how many children you & Gary had, etc. I think you Linda Lang & I were in the hospital having babies at almost the same time.

    • Linda Hahn said

      Hi Marsha
      It is so great to hear from you. Sorry I didn’t see this post sooner. Please email me so we can catch up. It would be wonderful to see you!! Hope you are feeling better. my email is

  2. Marsha said

    Hi Linda-I was so glad to hear back fm u but it took me awhile to find ur message. I’m not as computer skilled as I should be. 😉 I’ll put your email in my contacts so we can stay in touch. My email is

  3. Marsha said

    oops also congrats on Caitlin going to U of K. We’ve got a lot of alums here in central OH (dayton). Did u have a dau. that married a Provo that’s related to Phil Provo? (Gosh, the memories)

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