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Class of 1986 Shelly Waite Hughes

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on May 11, 2009

Class of 1986 – Shelly Waite Hughes wrote:

McAuley was the best high school experience a girls could have hoped for. I wish there was something comparable for my girls. I’d love to get caught up! Email me.

4 Responses to “Class of 1986 Shelly Waite Hughes”

  1. Jennifer Galambos Krieger said

    Shelly – there are about 40 of us on facebook – we have tons of fun catching up. are you local?

  2. Patricia Rieger said

    Yes Facebook is great we just had a party and Dan, Jennifer, Melissa, Patti and I got together that was very fun. We will have more parties maybe we can get you to one of them.

  3. Elise (Jones) Brooks said

    Hey Shelly! I miss McAuley also, I don’t have a daughter going to HS but if I did, McAuley would be my school of choice if it was still open :(. Well catch the Class of 86 and others on Facebook. Be blessed

  4. Laura Alford Paquin said


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