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Class of 1979 – Looking for Alum

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 22, 2009

Class of 1979

Looking for the following Alum – please advise if you have any info on their where-abouts…

Adamski, Sharon VanBuskirk

Broadway, Ann Toth

Christopher, Beth

Drummer, Debbie Rusch

Fisher, Kelly

Harmon, Carole Bianco

Hirsch, Star Noe

Kudelka, Deborah Casey

Leber, Linda Vizoarrondo

Mariea, Laura

Recht, Kathy Speer

Schneider, Janet

Schwarz, Kate Phillips

Straub, Lisa Kelly (located)

Timony, Lenore Howard

Vullo, Kim – (Located)

Worrall, Beth Locker

2 Responses to “Class of 1979 – Looking for Alum”

  1. Marsha Walker said

    I’ve been looking for Beth Halpin for some time now. She was married to Ken Steiben, (not sure of the exact last name spelling.) I think she had 1 son. I’ve scoured ph books for Beth, Ken or any male w. last name “Steiben” in Toledo w. no luck. Any info appreciated.
    Also looking for Karen Gwynne–Gwynnie, I lost ur email addy. I had just moved the weekend of the anniversary party, usually I don’t lose things. Anyhow, pls email me. My ad:

  2. chris wysong said

    Would like to find info about Jan Ohlman. Haven’t seen her since the early 90’s. thankx chris

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