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Class of 1977 – Shawna Norwood

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 20, 2009

Shawna sent this message in:

Hey just wanted to tell everyone this. Last year I was giving the flu vaccine to the faculty at a school called MERCY here in Cincinnati Ohio. And who would believe that Sister Nancy whom taught Algebra while I was a student at McAuley( I am from the graduating class of “77”) is the principle there. She remembered my full name without me even telling her. And that It was the Algebra lecture class she knew me from.  You guy’s remember the large class once a week where all the classes met for lecture? She  looks exactly the same except for all white hair. There is a McAuley High School here thus I was surprised she wasn’t on faculty their. She stated she actually graduated from Mercy. I forgot the story of how she ended up in Toledo at McAuley. but give me a break. I’m old now.

2 Responses to “Class of 1977 – Shawna Norwood”

  1. Sister Judy Gradel said


    I was also one of the teachers in that large group-small group algebra 1 class and I’m also in Cincinnati. I’m originally from Toledo but ended up in Cincy. Sister Nancy and I are very good friends from our days together at McAuley High School. Maybe I’ll run into you some time.

    Sister judy

    • Shawnna Norwood said

      Sister Judy, I’m a bit slow at getting back with my e-mails in case you haven’t noted. I can’t remember you unless you are the sister whom wore glasses. You even still wore a habit I do believe(is it I before the E or what?).

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