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Mary Dee Senn Wiseman ’68

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on October 16, 2009

Mary Dee Contacted me and asked me to post this message…

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!  One of my long time accounts, Heinzerling Foundation and Development, is an amazing place.  There they care for very severely handicapped and retarded folk of all ages, from a few months old to older adults.  It is the kind of place that breaks your heart and at the same time makes you realize that for all the stress we deal with daily, we have no problems.  Every time I leave there I chastise myself all the way to the car and down the street for even thinking I have any problems.

I just read their newsletter, and they are registered with Kroger Community Rewards that allows you to affiliate with a nonprofit organization so that every time you shop Heinzerling earns money.  Kroger has designated $5M toward this program this year.  you can “link” your Kroger Plus Card with Heinzerling.  To do so you need to register online at  Once you are registered and have entered your Plus Card number in your account, click on “My Account” where you can designate Heinzerling as your organization.  Their organization number is 83737. 

It only takes a minute and costs you nothing, but can help someone else who is totally dependant on being cared for by others.

If ever you saw the work they do, you would know that I am compelled to share this information with you.

Thanks, have a great weekend!

Mary Dee Wiseman

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