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Updates that Missed the 2015 Newsletter

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on May 26, 2015


Sister Noel Frey:  I’m “retired” but kept busy with liturgy, music and chapel care here at St. Bernadine Convent.  I have given an Earth Day Evening Prayer presentation., a Lenten Taize Evening Prayer, and created an evening presentation called Strings, Keys & Nimble Fingers.  St Mariella Bradley, Executive Director at The Pines plays flute, and Gus Miller played the violin.  They joined me in the presentation.  I’m also on the board of SIS (Sisters in Shelter) a safe house.

Class of 1964

Osterhage, Mary Ann Shea:  My daughter Patty passed away in August.  Her husband and four children moved back to Memphis in Nov., so now all 12 of my grandchildren are here in Memphis.  As for being retired:  Been retired for 11 yrs.  Been a caregiver for family – now have twin 3 yr olds and my daughter living with me.

Schemenaur, Susan Flax:  As for being retired:  I am enrolled in a 2 yr certification program with the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkley, CA to become an interfaith Spiritual Director

Class of 1966

Nally, Theresa:  As for being retired:  I am retired and living in an assisted living retirement community called Hyde Park Health Center in Cincinnati, OH.  I would like to hear from Sue Vogeli, Molly Nasser, Pat Devolder, Barb Beckman, Carol Grindle or any of my old pals.

Tomasello, Antoinette Shultz:  As for being retired:  Dancing – Tap & Line Dancing, Bus Trips, Trip to Italy in June.

Class of 1968

Lyons, Deborah Lewis:  Retiring on April 30th, 2015 after 36 yrs as a hospital and college librarian.  Plan to be a snowbird, dividing my time between Perrysburg, OH and Ft Myers, FL.  Married to Paul, with two dachshunds.  Have a large extended family of siblings, nieces and nephews.

Class of 1974

Glaser, Maryann Terry:  I am Executive Director of United Way of South Sarasota County.

Class of 1980

Ponkey, Mary Kondraciuk:  Married and living in Michigan.  I have a daughter attending University of Tampa majoring in Music Education.  I am an artist focusing on abstract and contemporary painting and photography.  My website is and my business facebook page is Mary Kondraciuk Fine Art (  I love to reconnect with classmates and enjoy catching up and keeping up with old friends.

Class of 1982

Baranoski, Linda Doering:  I have six healthy and beautiful grandchildren!  What could be better than the love of a child?  As for being retired:  Well since I made a career change about 15 years ago, in becoming a teacher, I’ll never get to retire!  I’m in high school purgatory!

Class of 1986

Granata, Christine Hunt:  I have been an accountant at Hoover & Wells, Inc. for 20 years. I worked part time when my children were young but now I work full time. Andrew, 20, and Caroline, 19, both attend UT. My husband Jim and I are adjusting to our new calmer life after many hectic years of soccer, lacrosse, scouts, etc. I volunteer at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns, and like to garden and read. My husband is a marathon runner and I can often be found riding my bike next to him while he runs and trains for the next marathon.

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