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Update info that missed the cut off for the “Newsletter 2016”

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 18, 2016

’65 – Borowiak, Ruth Ann Bowser – I am vice-president of Washington Local Schools Retiree Group for the 3rd yr.  My husband and I manage the PX for OV-I Mohawk Assoc. – His Army Group from Viet Nam for 3 yrs. already.  I really enjoyed attending our 50th reunion for the class of 1965 @ Stone Oaks Country Club (It was so great to reconnect – which more of our classmates would have been there)!

’67 – Mettes, Karen Roecker – I am the proud grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren:  Haley (18) going off to St Mary’s College (across the street from Notre Dame in the fall), Caroline (11), Katelyn (7), Xavier (3), Olivia (2), and Viggo (4 months).  They keep me super busy, but I love it and am so lucky!!!    I keep connected to Margo (Young) Kerscher, Sue (McGuire) Wineland, Diane (Pfleghaar) Jenkins and Sue (Humm) Keller.  Would love st see them and other graduates more often

’67 – Ruetz, Myra Anne Abel – I retired in Jan ’16 and my husband retired in Dec. ’15 (after 49 yrs at Andersons).  We went on our first adventure with our RV to SC where one of our sons lives.  Loved every minute and are ready for more!  Will visit other kids in the states too.  🙂  I mostly connect with fellow alumnae on FB, but there are a couple that I have lunch with.

’69 – Strowger, Jackie Elder – Happily “Maintaining”.  Will retired from my massage therapy practice next month but continue my part time nurse manager role at local pregnancy center.  I stay connected with fellow McAuley Alum mostly by Facebook but hope to get back for a reunion again someday.

’73 – Haupricht, Susan Garling – Just got back from Costa Rica – whet with my daughter and 7 year old granddaughter.  Went white water rafting and did a zipline.  Stay connected with fellow McAuley Alum – we have monthly dinner dates.



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