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Barker, Mary Jo Borel ’75 (Update that missed the Newsletter)

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 8, 2017

Working full-time in our company business keeps me busy all the time. Appreciated all the prayer support from my McAuley sisters when my husband had heart surgery in August. He is doing fantastically well. My daughter Caitlin is starting graduate school to get her masters in administration. She will be working hard teaching full time and taking classes too. My daughter Bridget is now the head sous chef at the country club where she works. So proud of them both and the lovely women they have become.

     1)  Do you believe that your time at McAuley impacted your life in a significantly positive way; and if so how?   Absolutely. The friendships made, the education received, have helped me through my whole life.

2)  How did you come to choose McAuley as your high school?  If it was your parents’ choice, did you grow to love McAuley? It was never really a question. My sister went there and I was always going to go there. So glad I did.

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