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Taylor, Vicki Bertka ’75 (Update that missed the Newsletter)

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 8, 2017

Last year I reported that my husband had a new job in Wisconsin but, it was eliminated, the network closed, he moved back to Holland, OH at the end of December ’16.  His mom’s house sold, ours didn’t , she had to move in with us.  Ken now has a new job in Allentown, PA and started the end of March.  We’re doing kitchen reno, put in wood floors and will sell (by auction) hopefully, May ’17.  We can all be together again.  Sadly our first grandson was stillborn August ’16.  Praying for more grandchildren.

Question #1:  McAuley impacted….?:  McAuley gave me the opportunity to push myself with classroom work but also to learn how to be a leader and organizer.

Question #2:  How did you come to choose McAuley…?:  My choice.  I wanted to attend a Catholic HS and had to work after school and summers to work off tuition.  Best investment of my time.

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