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Updates from the 2017 Update #2

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 29, 2017

Imhof, Sharon Jennings ’62

I have been retired from teaching for 12 years!  I keep busy with my grandchildren’s events, as a board member on the Traverse City Historical Society and working on my family’s history.  In Sept I am going to Ireland with my cousins!

McAuley Impact Q:  Two things stand out as having a huge impact on me while at McAuley.  First, the Christian value system that I was immersed in.  It reinforced the values I was taught at home and formed my values for the rest of my life.  #2.  The excellent education I received that prepared me for college and life beyond.  As teaching became my chosen profession, I realized how blessed I was to have such excellent educators as the Sisters of Mercy for my high school years.

How McAuley was chosen Q:  I attended grade school at OLPH and it just seemed natural to move next door to McAuley with most of the girls in my class.  Girls schools were “in” those days and how cool to have one in my neighborhood!

Schemenaur, Susan Flax ’64

McAuley’s impact Q:  With out my teachers and friends at McAuley I would never have believed in my abilities as a person.  My time at McAuley was precious and I am very grateful for my time there.

McAuley chosen Q:  I chose McAuley.  It was the only school I wanted to attend.

Kniep, Mary Kniep-Hardy ’66

I still live in Rochester, NY.  I continue to work as a geriatric/psychiatric nurse practitioner in a large nursing home.  My 3 sons and their families are doing well.

McAuley impacted Q:  I thought the school was a positive force in my life, especially by exposing me to bright women, often masters prepared in their field, who were excited about teaching and about their fields of expertise.

McAuley chosen Q:  My parents chose it for me.

Osterhage, Kathryn Carpeaux ’67

Blessed with our 6th grandchild.  Will even the count at 3 girls and 3 boys!  Downsized to a patio home which backs up to a green space.  Purging as been great!

Walker, Susanne Maruskin ’67

McAuley chosen Q:  I wanted to attend Central Catholic.  My parents nixed that because of the time it would take to get there (would have involved bus transfer).   My older sister Marsha was at McAuley so…. I’m glad I followed her.  I would not have met such wonderful, fun women.

Pezzin, Debra’69

McAuley chosen Q:  Went to school next door at OLPH.  It was just assumed & all friends also transitioned.

Straub, Cindy ’69

McAuley impacted life Q:  Yes, I learned about being a leader and trying to make positive changes.  I learned about friendships and how important they are and the importance of having a diverse group of friends.

McAuley chosen Q:  It was chosen by my parents.  Yes, I grew very quickly to love McAuley

Nowacki, Sandra Suter ’70

McAuley chosen Q:  My mom and dad felt that I would get a better education going to a Catholic high school.  McAuley was the most affordable of all the Catholic high schools at that time.  I was also given the opportunity to work in the cafeteria during lunch hour to defray my cost of education.

Harantha, Catherine Talda ’76

McAuley impacted Q:  Absolutely!  I loved that I could be just me without worrying about what boys/guys would have thought.  I believe McAuley is a part of why I am a confident woman and why I excelled in H.S. and college.  I wouldn’t change the experience AT ALL!

McAuley chosen Q:  We (my family) moved to Toledo in June 1972 from NJ.  Our neighbors across the street had daughters attending McAuley, including one that would be starting as a freshman like me.  They recommended the school.  My mom made an appointment.  St Catherine was the principal at the time.  I think the two of us in H.S. at the time also went (Karen & myself).  My mom did not go to the appt.  Intending to enroll us but at one point schedules were being put together for my sister and me and it became a done deal.  My parents must have been happy as my three younger sisters also attended (Margaret, Jean and Elizabeth).  My oldest sister (Susan) was already in college when we arrived in Toledo.  I have so many great and fond memories of my time and classmates at McAuley.  I am grateful to be an alum.

Sheehy, Maureen ’80

McAuley impacted Q:  I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but in hindsight I realized that an all-female setting for high school allowed me to not fixate on my appearance or competition over boys.  I believe it gave me greater self-confidence then and later in life.

Smith, Dina Biglin ’83

I just returned to work after many years as a stay @ home mom.  I love it!  It was an easier transition than I thought – so happy I made the leap!

McAuley impacted Q:  Completely!  My time at McAuley prepared me for college, grad school, the working world and being a mom.  It taught me how to value good friendships.

McAuley chosen Q:  It was a decision made with my parents and I’m so thankful they were so supportive.

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