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Cutcher, Sharon Stonerock ’63 ((Update that missed the Newsletter)

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 8, 2017

Just enjoying our life in retirement.  We are traveling and enjoying our family and our hobbies.

Question #1:  McAuley Impact… ? :  Absolutely!  High Level of education, great teachers and classmates.  Learned so much more than academics – about relationships, love, respect, civic duty, giving back and teamwork.

Question #2:  How did you come to choose McAuley…?:  I was supposed to go to St. Ursula, where my sister graduated.  Our family moved closer to OLPH and McAuley.  I loved it from the start and had a wonderful 4 years there!


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Measley, Patricia Thompson ’62 (Update that missed the Newsletter)

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 8, 2017

I am widowed since 2015, sing in the church choir, going to be a Great Gandmother again in Sept.  I’m still running a ranch without extra help other than my son Paul and I donate my time and talents for church and local groups.

Question #1:  Do you believe that your time at McAuley impacted your life…:  Hard to put it into words, many times and ways I find McAuley ideals show through.

Question #2:  How did you come to choose McAuley:  McAuley was being built when I applied.  In fact, I and my friend, Lynda Botte Randolf had our picture taken for the Toledo Blade.


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Update info that missed the cut off for the “Newsletter 2016”

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 18, 2016

’65 – Borowiak, Ruth Ann Bowser – I am vice-president of Washington Local Schools Retiree Group for the 3rd yr.  My husband and I manage the PX for OV-I Mohawk Assoc. – His Army Group from Viet Nam for 3 yrs. already.  I really enjoyed attending our 50th reunion for the class of 1965 @ Stone Oaks Country Club (It was so great to reconnect – which more of our classmates would have been there)!

’67 – Mettes, Karen Roecker – I am the proud grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren:  Haley (18) going off to St Mary’s College (across the street from Notre Dame in the fall), Caroline (11), Katelyn (7), Xavier (3), Olivia (2), and Viggo (4 months).  They keep me super busy, but I love it and am so lucky!!!    I keep connected to Margo (Young) Kerscher, Sue (McGuire) Wineland, Diane (Pfleghaar) Jenkins and Sue (Humm) Keller.  Would love st see them and other graduates more often

’67 – Ruetz, Myra Anne Abel – I retired in Jan ’16 and my husband retired in Dec. ’15 (after 49 yrs at Andersons).  We went on our first adventure with our RV to SC where one of our sons lives.  Loved every minute and are ready for more!  Will visit other kids in the states too.  🙂  I mostly connect with fellow alumnae on FB, but there are a couple that I have lunch with.

’69 – Strowger, Jackie Elder – Happily “Maintaining”.  Will retired from my massage therapy practice next month but continue my part time nurse manager role at local pregnancy center.  I stay connected with fellow McAuley Alum mostly by Facebook but hope to get back for a reunion again someday.

’73 – Haupricht, Susan Garling – Just got back from Costa Rica – whet with my daughter and 7 year old granddaughter.  Went white water rafting and did a zipline.  Stay connected with fellow McAuley Alum – we have monthly dinner dates.



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More updates that missed the newsletter 2015

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on July 19, 2015

This one was for the 2014 Newsletter – not sure how it came to us so late?

1978 – Bosch, Maggie Reed – I have been married to Brent for 30 years (May 1984).  2 adult children, Elizabeth 28 – a nurse in Tampa Florida (she was married Junie 2013).  Her husband is in the Air Force.  Son Peter, 27, is in sales on account for Sofo foods.  Just bought their first home.  Brent and I enjoy traveling and dinners with classmates from McAuley and St Francis High School.  We enjoy our famiy.  I teach kindergarten at Maumee Valley Country Day School

This these missed the 2015 Newsletter:

’65 – Szykowny, Suzanne Crippen – My husband and I were just presented the 2015 Bravo Award by Opera Guild of Dayton for longtime/sustained and significant support.  Reply about retirement:  I am on the Boards of Opera Guild of Dayton and Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association.  My husband and I teach and take classes at Lifelong Learning at Univ of Dayton and University of South Carolina. I sing in our church choir.  I am also doing extensive research on my German Heritage.  I am studing German.  We both volunteer at St Francis of the Sea Thrift Shop.

’67 – Veitch, Sandy Collier – Downsized again and moved to be closer to sons and their families, who both moved to NC.  Have 2 beautiful granddaughters who are 3 & 4.  We live 1 mile away from the Sister of Mercy Convent in Belmont, NC.  Reply about Retirement:  Retired RN.  Still an “active” watercolor artist and Master Gardener.

’69 – Lehr, Deborah VanLandingham – Both husband and I are retired and we’re loving it.  We have 2 grown children and 1 dog.  I retired from the Navy Nurse Corps.  Reply about Retirement:  Rest & Travel, Ministry.

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Updates that Missed the 2015 Newsletter

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on May 26, 2015


Sister Noel Frey:  I’m “retired” but kept busy with liturgy, music and chapel care here at St. Bernadine Convent.  I have given an Earth Day Evening Prayer presentation., a Lenten Taize Evening Prayer, and created an evening presentation called Strings, Keys & Nimble Fingers.  St Mariella Bradley, Executive Director at The Pines plays flute, and Gus Miller played the violin.  They joined me in the presentation.  I’m also on the board of SIS (Sisters in Shelter) a safe house.

Class of 1964

Osterhage, Mary Ann Shea:  My daughter Patty passed away in August.  Her husband and four children moved back to Memphis in Nov., so now all 12 of my grandchildren are here in Memphis.  As for being retired:  Been retired for 11 yrs.  Been a caregiver for family – now have twin 3 yr olds and my daughter living with me.

Schemenaur, Susan Flax:  As for being retired:  I am enrolled in a 2 yr certification program with the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkley, CA to become an interfaith Spiritual Director

Class of 1966

Nally, Theresa:  As for being retired:  I am retired and living in an assisted living retirement community called Hyde Park Health Center in Cincinnati, OH.  I would like to hear from Sue Vogeli, Molly Nasser, Pat Devolder, Barb Beckman, Carol Grindle or any of my old pals.

Tomasello, Antoinette Shultz:  As for being retired:  Dancing – Tap & Line Dancing, Bus Trips, Trip to Italy in June.

Class of 1968

Lyons, Deborah Lewis:  Retiring on April 30th, 2015 after 36 yrs as a hospital and college librarian.  Plan to be a snowbird, dividing my time between Perrysburg, OH and Ft Myers, FL.  Married to Paul, with two dachshunds.  Have a large extended family of siblings, nieces and nephews.

Class of 1974

Glaser, Maryann Terry:  I am Executive Director of United Way of South Sarasota County.

Class of 1980

Ponkey, Mary Kondraciuk:  Married and living in Michigan.  I have a daughter attending University of Tampa majoring in Music Education.  I am an artist focusing on abstract and contemporary painting and photography.  My website is and my business facebook page is Mary Kondraciuk Fine Art (  I love to reconnect with classmates and enjoy catching up and keeping up with old friends.

Class of 1982

Baranoski, Linda Doering:  I have six healthy and beautiful grandchildren!  What could be better than the love of a child?  As for being retired:  Well since I made a career change about 15 years ago, in becoming a teacher, I’ll never get to retire!  I’m in high school purgatory!

Class of 1986

Granata, Christine Hunt:  I have been an accountant at Hoover & Wells, Inc. for 20 years. I worked part time when my children were young but now I work full time. Andrew, 20, and Caroline, 19, both attend UT. My husband Jim and I are adjusting to our new calmer life after many hectic years of soccer, lacrosse, scouts, etc. I volunteer at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns, and like to garden and read. My husband is a marathon runner and I can often be found riding my bike next to him while he runs and trains for the next marathon.

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Update That Missed the Newsletter 2014

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 21, 2014

Faculty:  Sister Marilyn Gottenmoeller, RSM – (This is a portion of the “Update” as part was cut off)  Moved to St. Louis August 2013 to develop a spiritual formation program for 17 boards of trustees of our Mercy sponsored ministries.  Am also living with 2 of our novices and 3 other professed from across the U.S.  (Severe weather question)  I stayed inside when I could! (Gala Question)  I am so glad I got myself there!  What fun to see women whom I remember as freshmen or upper class gals.  Those sophs always had a tough time: no longer freshman and unalbe to say they didn’t…

’63 – Blodgett, Ann Hallett – The gathering last summer was wonderful.  I enjoyed seeing my 50 year classmates.

’63 – Potrzebowski, Mary Jo McMillan – My oldest son, Max, and his wife Becky, adopted a second child, Rex.  I now have 3 grandsons in Colorado Springs, CO and a granddaughter & grandson in Lake Worth, FL.  I am most fortunate to be able to travel to visit all of them frequently.  (Severe weather) I love cold weather and snow so unlike many it did not bother me.  We did get stuck in our own driveway 3 times (its elevated) but other than that we carried on.  The real downside is now with all the pot holes.  (Gala) I was so glad I attended.  It was fun and in a way a very comforting experience.  Talking with those you shared a common experience was rewarding.  The event was well planned.

’63 – Young, Marie Irons – Michelle Marie Irons death from cervical cancer, just one week after her 49th birthday.  A big loss to our family and to all who knew of her energy and love for all.  Will be going to Australia in Oct/Nov to distribute some of Michelle’s ashes off the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Her fondest wish to spend her 50th in Australia!  Nov. 10, 2013 was the date of her passing.

’64 – Crossgrove, Ann Delgado – Nothing new.  Married 43 years; all 3 children living in FL – 2 in Tampa, 1 in St Augustine.  Love to travel.  Retired.  Love to play cards and visit casinos.  Write lots of letters. (Severe weather question)  We live in Florida – no bad weather.  (Gala question) Did not attend the Gala – heard nothing about it.

’64 – Jakubowski, Elaine Coon – Finally retired in Sept 2013 from working as a Corporate Director of Pharmacy in San Diego.  Since then my husband Rick and I have been traveling more… including Hawaii and Japan as well as throughout California.  (Severe weather question) San Diego?  There is no such thing as “severe weather”.  We are extremely fortunate.

’65 – Guinsler, Janet Ligman – (Severe Weather Question) Worked on costumes for St. Patrick of Heatherdowns school play – Wizard of Oz – 2 grand-kids were in the play.

’65 – Leahey, Kathy Motsinger – (Severe weather question) My husband & I went to Florida!  Enjoyed the beach, sun and played golf!  (Gala question) It was wonderful!  So “great” to see everyone.

’65 – McHugh, Georgianne Hobson – Mostly retired from 40+ years working as an LPN.  Enjoying 15 grandchildren & 1 great grandson.  Very sad losing my sister Mary Pat McHugh Mazzaferro ’69.  (Severe weather question) We tolerated it well.  I read or knitted had 2 grandchildren up from KY part of the time.  They kept us busy.  (Gala question) I loved it.  When we started at McAuley we knew some of the girls from the 3 glasses above and later the 3 classes behind – good to see all.

’65 – Old, Catherine Sweet – Married 25 years to my husband Jim.  Graduated Mary Manse College in 1969 B.A.;  graduated Mary Grove om 1998 M.A.  Taught school 38 years in the Toledo Diocese (St. Adalbert, OLPH).  Taught piano about 28 years privately.  Retired.  Bought a home in FL to Vacation in.  3 daughters, 4 step daughters, 20 grand children 1 great grandchild.   (Severe weather question) Vacationed the winter in FL

’67 – Szkutnik, Barbara – (Severe weather question) I’m living on the west coast and wasn’t affected.  We had the usual wet winter, but you don’t need to shovel rain.

’69 – McCann, Susan – (part of this was cut off) First and foremost, my two sons are doing very well.  The older, Pete (40) who lives in Portland OR, just got engaged.  The younger, Sean (39) works in Cincinatti and bought a home in Covington!  As for me, I am still very involved in the theater scene: at the Toledo Rep as a Board Member as well…. (Severe weather question) This winter was brutal on everyone but the show must go on.  I stage-managed the “Rep’s Noises Off in January and the cast was amazing.  They were so dedicated that on a scheduled rehearsal day when… (Gala question) Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and haven’t heard anything about it.  I hope it went well.

’69 – Pezzin, Debra – I am an Activities Director at an Independent Living Facility, working part time.. and enjoying being semi retired. (Severe weather question) I have to say I spent the winter months sending safe wishes to friends and family North.  I goofed, went to the beaches and spent many weekends on my floaty working on my tan and reading.  We did have a revolving door of northern family escaping to the warmth and sunshine.  We welcomed all with pillows and glasses of wine. (Gala question) 1969 did not have a big showing…but many of us were were there in spirit.  I heard it was a good time.

’72 – Jardine, Kathleen Armstrong – I’m loving my job as Director of Facilities at St. Ursula Academe in Cincinnati – yes an all girl Catholic High School!  These girls are so much smarter than I ever was.  My hobbies are yoga, energy healing, aroma therapy – so many natural options for whatever ails you.  (Severe weather question) Responsible for oversight of snow removal at work.  I was in, and hated it, the think of it.  Diving the hills in Cincy when it’s snowing turns my hair gray – well, let’s just say thank goodness for Clairol.  Geoffrey and my retirement location – Florida!

’73 – Harms, Amy Cole – (Gala Question)  I did attend and it was good to see some of my old classmates.

’73 – Haupricht, Susan Garling – Just came home from visiting BFF Debbie Flannagan in San Diego.  (Severe weather question)  Lots of wine and movies.  Since I work at St. Luke’s no snow days for me.  I made it to work each scheduled day.

’74 – Baumann, Karen Shinaver – (Gala question)  Awesome!

’76 – Harantha, Catherine Talda – (Severe weather question) Fortunately, we had no loss of heat or electricity during the various snowfalls/storm, and while the snow was daunting at times (especially for my husband, who would get up early to blow the snow, but still had to drive to work on the messy roads), we did fine.  Since Dayton had 30 less inches of snow than Toledo, I can’t really complain.  🙂  (Gala question) My sisters Karen, Margaret and I attended and had a great time.  I was disappointed there was only one table from the Class of ’76, but those of us there had lots of fun.  I am so happy I went!  It was wonderful to reconnect with those there, including the faculty members that were able to make it.  I am looking forward to the next event!

’76 – Winterhalter, Yvette Deane – My son & his wife gave birth to a little boy, Preston Deane on Valentines Day.  This is my 5th grandchild, 8th if you count step grand children (and I do!)  Just returned from a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

’78 – Harms, Julie Kipp – I spend my time raising money for Dayton Children’s Hospital as a TWIG and at The Little Exchange, a gift shop that donates all of its proceeds to the hospital.  My daughter, Sara, will be getting married on July 12th at Miami University in Oxford, OH.  She is teaching at Imagine Hill Avenue, a charter school in Toledo.  My son, John, is a junior at Miami.  (Gala Question) I attended the Gala.  It was nice catching up with wome I had’t see in a while.  I was hoping more of my class would be there though.

’80 – Bertka, Connie – (Severe weather question) Cross Country skiing in the backyard!

’82 – Wallerstein, Carol – (Severe weather question) Severe weather?  I didn’t notice.  Our fireplace kept the house toasty warm and was great for roasting marshmallows too.   We did have to add insulation and heat sources to the chicken coop, though and didn’t lose anyone to the weather.  (Gala question) I had a great time but wish there had been more people there from my class.  I can’t believe how much I have forgotten about high school and friends.  I really like when it was held too.  It’s the first gathering I’ve been able to attend.  I plan to keep going as long as I’m able.

’83 – Smith, Dina Biglin – (Severe weather question) Lots and lots of basketball games!


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Kim Hill McGraw ’77 – Update

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on August 4, 2012

I just completed my 30th year of teaching in Tazewell County Public Schools in Tazewell, VA.  I am the teacher for the deaf and hard-of-hearing children.  My husband and I have been married for 22 years.  We have two amazing children.  My son, Joe, has completed 2 years at the University of Virginia.  He is studying history which was his mothers’s favorite class in high school.  My daugher, Sarah, will be a junior in high school.  She plays her flute in the band and she organized a high school bowling team where her team placed 1st in the high school league.  My parents are doing well in Champagne, Illinois.

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Mary Wileman Rafferty ’76

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 12, 2012

We had a busy 2012 – my oldest, Kathleen, is finishing grad school for speech pathology and getting married in October.  Caroline graduated from Virginia Tech in May and my son Richard graduates from high school this spring and will attend Penn State.  My youngest, Annie continues with her dancing & softball and will be a sophomore in high school.  I’m still working as a school nurse.  My husband Paul, continues to grow his business, working from home.  All is good!

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Mimi Janas Bishop ’76

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 12, 2012

Have worked at Ursuline Academy of Dallas for 12 yrs, currently as Director of Annual Gifts.  Serve on Board of Ursuline Educational Services which connects all Ursuline Schools nationwide, including St Ursula in Toledo.

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Patti O’Reilly ’67

Posted by mcauleyhighschool on June 12, 2012

I took my 2 girls skydiving last month.  It’s been on my bucket list for a while, why wait?!  We loved it.  Ali is 27 and Katyana is 24!

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