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Class of 1967 – McAuley 50th Celebration – July 26, 2008

8 Responses to “Class of 1967 – McAuley 50th Celebration – July 26, 2008”

  1. annettebartkowiaktextor said

    Thanks for sharing…………… was nice to see the pictures!


  2. winifred dunham said

    hay! this was our 40th!!!! not 50th anniversary

    • mcauleyhighschool said

      I think these were taken at our “McAuley 50th Celebration” not at a class reunion, unless you held your reunion at our Celebration. This was held at the “Parkway Banquet Hall” in 2008 and was an all school celebration of McAuley opening its doors 50 years ago.

  3. carol fornia said

    Interesting pictures. names of people in photos would be fun.I was wondering if anyone knows what ever happened to Sr.Mary Jeanette?Nancy Shuchard? thanks

  4. Marie Taylor said

    I didn’t even know about the 50th Celebration. Would so love to hear from members of the class of 1963. Hey Carol Carr Wood, are you out there??? Best, Marie Wolfe Taylor

  5. CAROL FORNIA said

    Again , I ask ..does anyone know what became of Sr.Mary Jeanette? Nancy Shuchard? and Sandy Veitch – Where are you anyway? Hope you are well. Ans also, I think I recognise Christine Nopper in some of the photos, but no one else..Thanks for any input….

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